About - Cari Kenzie

Welcome friend,
I’m Cari!

A midwestern girl with a big city spirit.I’m a Speaker, Success Coach, Podcaster and Entrepreneur.

And I am also a mom of three, dog lover and woman who can be found holding a venti latte while she embarks
on her mission to challenge the status quo and help you to tap your true potential.

But first you have to change your mind.

I’ve always been a type A
high achiever(for better and for worse).

I love celebrating accomplishments, but what truly sets my soul on fire is witnessing people conquer their fears, embrace their intuition and persevere against all odds. I’m not interested in the fairytale princess type of Cinderella story. No, I’m captivated by the tenacity of the strappy boxer fighting to reclaim himself (or themselves) – the kind of story that fuels my own spirit.

Life has a way of suprising us

It throws us curveballs, unraveling the very fabric of our existence. I’ve been there, and in the midst of my own unraveling, curiosity became my guiding light, leading me to the healing and transformation I so desperately needed. It’s that same curiosity that fuels my connection with those who are willing to take a chance on themselves. I firmly believe that when you go all in on yourself, when you bet on your own worth, success is not just possible—it’s inevitable.

This belief fuels me every single day.

Like you, I’ve had a few defining moments in my life, the curveballs that don’t just fly by but sometimes hit you head on. See, I thrive on challenges so when the opportunity to purchase the company I worked for came knocking at my door, before I turned 30, I didn’t hesitate. I embraced it with open arms and grew it into a multi-million dollar marketing agency, despite a recession, only to awaken to a question as I resided in the midst of the American Dream. “Is this it? Everyday for the rest of my life, is this it?” Curveball.

Finding your truth is a

And there’s no time for detours.

In May of 2009 when my girlfriends mentioned running a marathon that October, I immediately said “I’m all in”. Little did I know that saying yes to that marathon would lead me to the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 – a moment that would forever alter the course of my life. Because on this particular morning the unthinkable happened – a terrorist attack shattered the illusion of safety, shaking a community and gripping a nation. And there I stood, in the midst of it all, witnessing both the devastation and resilience of humanity firsthand.

In the aftermath of that tragic event my life path and divine purpose collided, and a profound awakening began. Now, it wasn’t the journey I had planned, and in the beginning it held true to the midwesterners mantra of “I’m fine. Seriously, everything is fine.” That is, until it wasn’t.

It took me years to understand the depth of the invalidation, the denial of my truth and the profound effect it had always had in my life.

But you know what?

These catalytic moments – the personal challenges that followed; illness, divorce, the business that was sold though successfully – and all of those that push us to our limits – they can be the key to our most profound healing.

Through my own journey of self discovery, of embracing deep self love and allowing myself the bold rebellious streak that longed to challenge the status quo, I found a wellspring of wisdom and freedom. And now I want to share that with you.

It’s time to step into the pure true essence of you. The powerhouse version, the one that steps boldly forward, knowing her own worth and creating a life that feels fully authentic to who you are and I’m here for it!!

I’m honored you are on this journey with me and can’t
wait to see what unfolds for you! Are you ready to have some fun?

Remember, life’s curveballs are just chapters waiting to be penned with audacity.

Let’s craft your power story!

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