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When the Universe Calls You Out

I returned from traveling to the Wisconsin Dells, yet again. I had been taking this trip weekly since January (2016). My health had been deteriorating for years and I was coming upon a state of desperation that was akin to feeling like the air was leaving the room I was in and I was unable…

Unboxing My Tiffany: A Journey from Boston’s Aftermath to Quantum Healing

In the blindingly bright summer of 2013, while the world watched in horror at the Boston Marathon bombing, my own personal journey unfurled. A journey that, believe it or not, wasn’t just about the broken bones and shrapnel of that fateful day but the intricate tapestry of mind and body, knotted by every twist and…

The Spellbinding Power of Words: How Dumbledore and Real-Life Showed Me Their Magic

Remember that moment when Dumbledore, in his profound sagacity, shared, “Words are our most inexhaustible form of magic, capable of both inflicting pain and remedying it”? Not just an awe-inspiring quote for your next Instagram caption, but a profound truth I’ve observed time and time again. Energy and Vibration: It’s All Connected Everything around us,…

Mirror Reflections: What Our Kids Can Teach Us

In the roller coaster of parenthood, we often find ourselves obsessing over how to raise our little ones. But amidst the lessons and guidance we impart, we forget one little secret: our children often end up becoming our most unexpected teachers. Let’s deep-dive into this beautiful (and occasionally bewildering) world of reflections. Mimicry is just…

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