Our Bag of Stuff - Cari Kenzie

Our Bag of Stuff

My son Jacob was a high school football player and got hit really hard during a game, so hard that the team doctor immediately diagnosed a concussion. We both knew that as a senior, his season was likely done if he followed standard medical protocols, and this was his last year of high school. He wanted to play.

That was when he looked up at me, signaled to me that, based on what I’d learned for myself and taught him, that he could heal it. He knew how to use healing energy to undo the concussion. I went down to the field and, together, we did exactly that.

A little later, after going down and helping Jacob navigate through the concussion and then to coming back into the stands, one of the other moms said something like, “Oh, my gosh, I didn’t know you brought your bag of stuff with you”.At first, I didn’t know what she meant. My bag of stuff?

It is so terribly unfortunate that we feel like we have to have a bag of things, physical things, to create change or to navigate some form of healing. The fact is that we all do have a bag of things that we all can have a bag of healing to bring with us on a daily basis. It’s just not something that we can carry around.

We just have such a materialistic view of everything, like conceiving that we have to have a tool in order to be able to fix something. In healing Jacob’s concussion, the element that we brought to that moment was curiosity and the ability not to get caught, thinking that it has to turn out a certain way. In other words, the ability to see.

The first reaction is “Oh no, he’s got a concussion!” But we didn’t stop there. We got curious about it. “All right. That’s pretty interesting.” The tool that works from a spiritual and mental standpoint shifts the energy around a situation, starting with curiosity. Curiosity makes a way for intuition and trust that something can change in an instant without holding on to the old paradigm of how healing should occur.

If there is anything in that bag that I carry around all the time, it is the ability to be able to challenge the truth in any particular moment. There’s a jump, though, between that examination and the healing that takes place, and I think that’s what catches people more than anything else, because I’m not sure they understand how to make that jump. That jump is what many call the quantum leap. It’s the ability to challenge the truth that someone else lays before you.

In the traditional way of thinking about healing, or even with Jacob and his concussion, there’s a certain protocol, specific steps to go through, for the healing to happen. Those steps are like our traditional bag of stuff, but most people haven’t figured out that it doesn’t take 75 steps or three weeks for healing to occur. My non-material bag contains simply an understanding that everything is energy, and energy can be shifted. My bag of stuff starts with questions and culminates in healing.