Healing Beyond The Material: Unpacking My 'Bag of Stuff' - Cari Kenzie

Healing Beyond The Material: Unpacking My ‘Bag of Stuff’

In the frenzied moments of a high school football game, the echoing thud of helmets colliding sends shivers through any parent’s spine. It did for me when my son Jacob took a heavy hit in his senior year, the year he wanted to play his best. The immediate diagnosis? A concussion. A verdict that would normally signify an end to his high school football journey.

The Power Beyond Conventional Healing

But Jacob and I shared a secret; we knew something more than what meets the eye. As he signaled to me from the field, I understood that he believed – as I had taught him – in the power to heal beyond the constraints of conventional thought. We both shared faith in a transformative energy, capable of undoing the impossible. So, down on that field, we harnessed that very energy and journeyed through the maze of his concussion.

Redefining the ‘Bag of Stuff’

As I later rejoined the crowd, a fellow mom innocently remarked, “I didn’t know you brought your bag of stuff with you.” This got me pondering, what exactly was my ‘bag of stuff’?

In today’s palpable world, the default is often to lean on tangible tools, a materialistic notion that for something to function, there must be a physical implement at play. We’re so enmeshed in this belief that when confronted with a situation, our brains instantly search for a ‘tool’ to ‘fix’ the issue. But what if the most potent tool wasn’t a tool at all?

With Jacob’s concussion, we didn’t rely on anything physical. Instead, we leveraged curiosity and a profound ability to perceive beyond what’s obvious. While many might have been paralyzed by the initial thought, “Oh no, a concussion!”, we dove into its depths with an inquisitive spirit.

The Potency of Curiosity

Being curious is a potent spiritual and mental tool. It paves the way for intuition, allowing us to trust that circumstances can transform in a heartbeat. This curiosity challenges the age-old paradigms of healing, helping us leap beyond the ordinary.

Challenging Established Healing Paradigms

And yes, if you’re wondering about that metaphorical ‘bag of stuff’ I carry, it isn’t filled with traditional tools. It’s brimming with questions, challenges, and the audacity to believe that everything is energy. Energy, which with the right mindset, can be transformed.

Many still cling to the well-trodden paths, those 75 steps or three-week healing journeys. But sometimes, you have to take a quantum leap, a leap that challenges the truths laid out in front of you.

Embracing the Intangible

Remember, in the age-old battle between matter and mind, it’s not about the physical ‘bag of stuff’ you carry but the intangible power of belief, curiosity, and the will to challenge the norms. Because, in the end, true healing starts with a question and culminates in transformation.