Own Your Experience - Cari Kenzie

Own Your Experience

We all have experiences and those experiences matter. They change us, sometimes in ways we don’t want to remember or admit. Unfortunately, ignoring them never goes well. Rather than ignoring our experiences, we need to own them.

The first thing we have to do is just acknowledge that we even had an experience and that it’s okay for us to have emotions around or within that experience. This is a crucial first step because, if we don’t acknowledge anything significant actually happened to us, we can’t get any farther.

The second thing is actually the one that makes a lot of people unhappy. It’s also the most expensive thing we can do. I call it owning the experience, I truly mean taking ownership of the experience. We don’t have to sit back as victims and look at an experience as something that has happened to us that cannot be overcome or that we have to fight in order to save our power.

When we fight so hard against the experience’s power, when we work so hard to not let it win, it has already won. It has already won and it, not you, already has the power.

In taking ownership, we need to look back at an experience and ask:

Why did I need that experience?
What brought me to the point of being involved within that experience?
Why did I create the opportunity to have that experience?

Something in each of us creates the need for every experience that comes our way. Understanding this is the only way, quite honestly, anything can change. I’m not saying we consciously place ourselves in these positions. We don’t. I would never place myself in the position of being in Boston. If you had told me, Would you go be at the finish line when these two bombs go off? It will totally be a game changer for you, I would never say yes.

But here’s the thing. There is a higher consciousness. There is an aspect of us that desires so much more for us than we desire for ourselves, and that’s the element that places us in these positions. That’s the element that decides, and essentially says to us, You know what? You can totally handle this, because what’s going to come on the other side of it is going to be freaking magic.

In the end, what comes to us is what we need to have, no matter what it is. It’s intended for our good, always intended for our good. Some say that it’s not happening to us, it’s happening for us, but that still places it as an aspect outside of us, as though somebody else is doing it. But what if I truly take ownership of it? What if I admit that I created the situation that was hard but ended up being freaking magic?

When we create opportunities and experiences, a lot goes on behind the scenes. In essence, the aspect of us that’s greater than we are looked at that perceived opportunity and thought, well, this will do it. When we really own an experience, we’re acting with God in one purpose. If I own the experience, I also own my part in the creation of that experience, and then I have the ability to work on it from a different perspective. I see it in a completely new view, and actually then truly have gratitude for it. It’s almost like you’re interacting with the experience and if you can do that, it can’t have power over you.