The Intuition-Driven Life: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom Over Fear - Cari Kenzie

The Intuition-Driven Life: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom Over Fear

“Ego is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth,” once said an insightful thinker. But let’s begin with a question, shall we? Have you ever found yourself standing at a crossroads, paralyzed by a daunting decision? Do I stay or do I go? To move or to stay put? To risk or to retreat?

Life is chock-full of these giant crossroads. And as we stand there, wringing our hands, we often seek an external force for guidance. Enter: prayer. Ah, prayer. An act as old as time, a comfort to many. Yet, it’s not just about praying; it’s about how we pray.

Is Your Prayer Counterproductive?

I cherish prayer. However, I’ve seen how it can sometimes keep us static, waiting for an undeniable sign from above. We might ask for guidance, hoping fervently for a celestial arrow to show us the way. But here’s the rub: are we actually waiting for a sign, or are we cherry-picking validations for our pre-existing fears or desires? This dance between intuition and imagination is where we often stumble.

The Power of Intuition

Flashback to January 2019. I sold my business. Not because of a well-laid plan, but a surge of intuition. When a friend texted out of nowhere with an interest in buying, instead of dropping to my knees in prayer, I paused and listened to my inner voice. Four times, the same message echoed: Yes. Fast forward to 2020, the world grappled with a pandemic, and businesses similar to mine crumbled. I couldn’t help but whisper a thank you to that voice.

The story isn’t about bragging rights or foresight. It’s about recognizing that sometimes, answers are within us, waiting for a moment of stillness to be heard.

Ego vs. Intuition

Ego, the master of disguise, can veil our inner wisdom. Often mistaken for confidence, ego is, in fact, our fear in disguise, undermining our trust in ourselves and the universe. Remember, ego isn’t just about arrogance; it’s also about self-doubt.

A heart-to-heart with a client unveiled an arresting perspective – she felt she’d been perceiving God as minuscule. When we limit our understanding of the universe, our conversations with it (or God) become limited too.

Expand Your Horizon

The divine isn’t just in sacred texts or whispered prayers. It’s in the vastness of the cosmos, in the depths of our souls, in the silent whispers of intuition. Embrace that vastness. For in understanding the grandeur of the universe and our place in it, we find clarity.

To sum it up, next time you’re at a crossroads, don’t just wait for a sign. Dive deep within, and listen. You might be surprised by the wisdom you find.

Remember, “Ego shouts, but intuition whispers.” Are you listening?