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Welcome toCuriosity. Clarity. Empowerment.

a podcast specially crafted for the high-achieving, driven women who dare to challenge the status quo. You recognize that you are more than your daily routines. You’ve begun to question, to seek more from life, and we are here to accompany you on this journey toward your deepest desires and wildest dreams.

Released weekly, these curated discussions are not just podcast episodes;

they are thought-provoking catalysts of transformation, designed to invoke curiosity, bring crystal-clear clarity,
and empower your journey.

Curiosity. Clarity. Empowerment. Is not just a podcast; it’s a life strategy, a daily mantra, a journey to freedom, and the audacious life you know you’re meant to lead. So dare to question, dare to seek, dare to dream. We’re here to empower your decisions, your moments, your next big move.

Are you ready to step into the power of your potential?

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  • So glad I found this new gem of a podcast! Real, down to earth, and totally relatable.

    Rating Star
    I am so glad I stumbled on this new and upcoming podcaster Cari! Her messages hit me just where I needed them most today. I found myself binging each one. Cari’s podcast feels like a chat on the porch with a good friend. Simple, honest, and filled with life lessons we can all relate to. If you’re looking for a dose of real-world wisdom without the fluff, this is your go-to. Hat’s off to Cari for keeping it 100% real.


  • Authentically, beautiful and brilliant

    If you are trying to navigate this world alone, and you feel like you could be supported by a strong, beautiful/brilliant, unapologetic and authentic woman. This podcast is for you. These conversations will uplift you, empower you and inspire you to live as big as you can!!


  • Great podcast

    Rating Star
    Podcast host Cari Kenzie is brilliant at explaining the importance of learning more about ourselves and finding joy and purpose. If you want life-changing wisdom, Cari and her guests provide it. I highly recommend this show.


  • Love this podcast!

    Rating Star
    Cari is the real deal and this is truly a must listen. Thanks for giving me clarity and permission to go after my biggest dreams.


  • FINALLY!!! Cari Kenzie FINALLY has a podcast!

    Rating Star
    The time has come! LOVE this! Cari has so much wisdom and heart to share. Plus, she’s an incredible interviewer. THIS is going to be a game-changing podcast!

    Mitch Matthews-DREAM.THINK.DO.

  • Incredible Podcast

    Rating Star
    From the guests to her solo episodes I love Cari’s insight to our internal struggles. Her stories are incredibly relatable & each episode is an easy listen!

    Sarah Alysse

  • Inspiring and thought provoking!

    Rating Star

    I’ve been listening to Cari’s podcast and it resonates so much! I’m loving her sharing of her own life and her guests add to the richness to the podcast. Definitely one I’ll be listening to regularly!


  • Inspiring Podcast!

    Rating Star

    Cari is such a talented coach (client here), so it’s wonderful to see her talents spread to this bigger platform. This is such an inspiring and relevant podcast! The world is ready for you, Cari! 💜💜💜

    Ashlie M. A.

  • Great podcast

    Rating Star

    Super motivational and empowering!! Love this podcast so much!!</p

  • All the Joy!

    Rating Star

    Life is in the living… And this podcast truly helps you do that. Enjoyed hearing stories, and laughing along with all the chaos that life brings. can’t wait to hear more.

    Lisa Even

  • The voice and the message we’ve been missing

    Rating Star

    Cari’s is the voice and the message we’ve been missing. Ours is a world of chaos cluttered with transmissions from a vast array of transactional, sales-pitchy coaching and wellness streams pummeling us from all directions and domains. Streams that miss the most profound, insightful, and the most critical messages we need. Not so with Cari! Her energy, brilliance, guidance, enlightenment, and empowerment pours forth in each episode and delivers on her transformational promise to us, her audience, and to the world.

    Eileen Isola

  • Magnetic!

    Rating Star

    I met Cari and she is beautiful inside and out….Thank you for making such an impact!