Unboxing My Tiffany: A Journey from Boston's Aftermath to Quantum Healing - Cari Kenzie

Unboxing My Tiffany: A Journey from Boston’s Aftermath to Quantum Healing

In the blindingly bright summer of 2013, while the world watched in horror at the Boston Marathon bombing, my own personal journey unfurled. A journey that, believe it or not, wasn’t just about the broken bones and shrapnel of that fateful day but the intricate tapestry of mind and body, knotted by every twist and turn of life.

A Mysterious Ailment

Post-Boston, my body turned into a living conundrum. Despite numerous doctor visits, every imaginable test, and clinic hopping, the diagnosis was unfailingly bleak: “It’s probably depression.” In layman’s terms? “We don’t know.” I was familiar with the physical discomforts brought on by life’s stressors: the tension headaches, the grief-induced heartbreak, or the anxiety of peak hour traffic. But this? This was something deeper, something more elusive.

You’re Not Your Sedan

Growing up, the go-to mantra for health was akin to auto repair: find the glitch, patch it up, move on. This is the same approach I took post-Boston. The symptoms? Think muscle cramps so intense they’d fossilize me, or heart palpitations that felt like a jazz drum solo. Worst of all was the insomnia – the kind that had me pop five prescription pills and yet find myself staring at the ceiling hours later.

Emotions Aren’t for Hoarding

As the years ticked by, I made a profound realization. Maybe these physical torments were echoes of unshed tears and unspoken words. For, Boston was not my sole brush with trauma. Lost jobs, the demise of beloved ones, and the heart-wrenching stillbirth of my daughter were all chapters in my story. Like most, I mourned, I grieved, and then… I moved on. Or so I thought.

In a recent award acceptance, Selena Gomez’s words rang true: “I had everything and I was absolutely broken inside.” And like her, I too packed away my pain, in imaginary yet exquisite Tiffany boxes. Why Tiffany? Because we all have that one luxury we fantasize about unboxing!

The Great Spillover

However, I soon learned that emotions, unlike heirlooms, aren’t for hoarding. The energy of the suppressed pain and trauma rattled within me. It manifested in maladies and anxieties, all trying to get my attention. Just like that one colleague who won’t stop pinging you until you reply.

And then I stumbled upon the paradigm of quantum healing.

The Quantum Detour

Quantum healing believes in a simple yet profound notion: everything is energy. To truly heal, one has to delve deeper, beyond the superficial symptoms, and find the root. One could heal a cold or a sprain, but unless one unearths the emotional cause, the body will find another way to scream for attention. A sprained ankle today could be a throbbing migraine tomorrow.

This invites the daunting yet enticing prospect of diving into the maze of one’s psyche. This is the true healing: a dance between the mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of oneself.

Your Path Awaits

Today, as I pen this down, I stand at the intersection of my past traumas and future potential, extending an invitation. If you too, like me, yearn to break free, to transform into the most brilliant version of yourself, remember – your path through curiosity, through self-introspection, through quantum healing, is open.

So, are you ready to unbox your Tiffany?