The Power of Words - Cari Kenzie

The Power of Words

You probably already know that I love Harry Potter and the wisdom that it provides through the conversations had on screen. Dumbledore, in his infinite wisdom, provides many nuggets. One of my favorites is this: “Words are our most inexhaustible form of magic, capable of both inflicting pain and remedying it.”

There are a couple of different ways to take this. Let’s start with this – everything is energy. Words are energy. Words are vibration and vibration is what gets sent out into the universe in order to be able to create reality. Because they are part of this energy and vibration, the words we speak have incredible power in the life that we’re creating.

Because of this power, we always want to be conscious of the words that we speak, not only because they create reality, but also because they reveal our subconscious limiting beliefs.

There’s no such thing as a Freudian slip. I love it when people say “Oh, no! I didn’t mean to say that.” Well, yes, they did mean to say that. When I am working with clients, this is when I tell them to pause and question so that we can unpack the true meaning. This moment is offered to show them something – to reveal, to bring forward what needs to be healed.

Our words are incredibly, incredibly powerful. Recently, I was driving in the car with my daughter Allie, who was in the back seat, when she said, “I just want to get in a car accident.” I turned around and told her, “No! Don’t put that into the universe.” She told me then that she just wanted the experience of it. She knows there’s a reason for experiences, that we have them because there’s something to learn.

The next day, my oldest, Jacob, was driving the car and Allie was with him. She doesn’t always wear her seatbelt, so he razzed her about it. “Put on your seatbelt…we just need to get in a car accident so you learn your lesson.” I told him, “Jacob!? We are not creating that reality! When we put those things out in the universe, they reflect back to us, and they do actually create the experiences that we have.”

We create something out of the energy of the words themselves. We can work with that energy. Instead of saying, “ I don’t want to lose my keys”, say “ I want to avoid losing my keys.” It’s a positive statement rather than a negative one. Another example is when we ask, “Where are my keys? Where are my keys?” Then your brain gets stuck on processing the where. Try instead, “How do I find my keys?” and you’ll find your keys. In another example, if someone tells you they’re going to try to do something, they’re not going to do it. The vagary of trying tells you that.

These are examples of practicing energy shifts. Energy shifting is sometimes a difficult concept to understand because it’s not a concrete action. It is, however, a way to take advantage of the power of words to achieve healing.