The Spellbinding Power of Words: How Dumbledore and Real-Life Showed Me Their Magic - Cari Kenzie

The Spellbinding Power of Words: How Dumbledore and Real-Life Showed Me Their Magic

Remember that moment when Dumbledore, in his profound sagacity, shared, “Words are our most inexhaustible form of magic, capable of both inflicting pain and remedying it”? Not just an awe-inspiring quote for your next Instagram caption, but a profound truth I’ve observed time and time again.

Energy and Vibration: It’s All Connected

Everything around us, every little thing, is pure energy – even words. If you’ve ever felt a shiver from a beautiful lyric or a pang of hurt from a carelessly spoken comment, you’ve experienced this firsthand. Every word uttered sends out a vibration, which the universe takes as a cue to shape our reality. Sound too metaphysical? Stick with me here. When we speak, we’re not just releasing air and sound. We’re broadcasting our desires, fears, and beliefs.

Unpacking Subconscious Slips

“Oops, didn’t mean to say that!” Ever caught yourself or someone else saying this? Well, as much as we love Freud, there’s no such thing as a Freudian slip. What we often dismiss as accidental reveals layers of our subconscious beliefs. As a coach, this is gold! These slips give us an opportunity to dive deep, reflect, and unearth what’s truly brewing inside.

Real-Life Magic and Cautionary Tales

Case in point: A casual car ride with my daughter, Allie. From the back seat, she said, “I just want to get in a car accident.” Before I could go full-on protective mama bear, she clarified, “Just to experience it.” Even though Allie understands the value of experiences and lessons, I had to stress the importance of being cautious with what we express. Lo and behold, the very next day, my eldest, Jacob, playfully teased her about a similar incident. Two reminders, back-to-back, about the universe’s uncanny way of echoing our words back to us.

Shifting Energy with Words

Words, much like magic spells, have nuances. Take this: Instead of lamenting, “I don’t want to lose my keys”, why not say “I want to avoid losing my keys”? See the shift from negative to positive? Another hack: Instead of circling around the question “Where are my keys?”, why not ask, “How do I find my keys?”. Subtle, but these shifts channel energy positively. The same goes for commitments. “Trying” doesn’t cut it. If someone says they’ll “try”, read between the lines.

Harnessing Word Magic for Healing

In the grand theatre of life, practicing energy shifts might sound like an esoteric backstage trick. But in reality, it’s an empowering way to harness the magic of words, akin to Dumbledore’s wisdom, to heal, inspire, and create the life we desire.

Remember, our words are the wand. How we wield them determines the magic they create. So, pick up your metaphorical quills and let’s pen down a spellbinding life narrative, one word at a time.