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Truth Seekers Journey
Unleash Your Inner Badass.

Are you ready to claim
Radical Control?

I see you.  You know your true potential.

You have led the charge and satisfied the needs of everyone around you along the way.  And now there’s an issue you can no longer ignore.  Something is unraveling, out of balance….and you feel out of control.  In this moment you are being called to something….more.

But where can you turn to for help?    What would people say if you let your guard down?  That you are weak?  What else could be lost?

My friend, I’m here to tell you there is great power in honoring where you are.  In fact, it is imperative to reclaim radical control.

You simply need a confidant, a guide who can hold the space you need without judgement.

This is the first step in remastering your life and taking back your power.

Truth Seekers Journey™

It’s time to find out what happens in life when you redefine control and reframe the shit that shifted your journey.

You’ve been shaken up.  Maybe you are questioning what the hell your purpose is, let alone how to live it.  You might feel like you are running out of time.

It might even be easier to ignore the discomfort and just continue to push forward (you are damn good at that).  But who or what will continue to run your life?

It’s time to see what you’re truly made of.

Are you ready to own who you are and step into your most authentic, powerful, badass self?

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Life is

Stop playing by everyone else’s rules.


I know you’ve put in some work already.

You go to therapy.
You hired a coach.
You’ve got your business gurus.
You say your affirmations.

But it’s not working, is it?

You tried everything, but can’t get ahead.
You want to be heard, understood and respected. But you feel invisible and you don’t know who to trust.
You want to finally, finally let someone see you. All of you.

You’re looking for something that will change everything. The silver bullet, the magic pill, the Hail Mary.

Well, my friend the only place you’re going to find what
you’re looking for is inside of YOU.

To really reclaim radical control of your life, you have to be willing to say ‘I’m worth more than this’ and do whatever it takes to get there.

It’s time to say
Fuck it.

Because you were meant for
so much more than this.


What if you unapologetically went after your desires?
What if you took the lead role in your own life?
What if you stepped into the most epic, most fulfilled version of you?

People will try to keep you small. And that feels safe, I get it. You stay where you are because, even if it doesn’t feel good, at least it’s not pushing you outside your comfort zone.

But if you’re ready … if you finally want to say fuck it to everyone else’s expectations, rules, ideas, and limitations and find out just how powerful you are, it’s time to meet the hero of this story: You.

Here’s what I think: It’s not just an opportunity for us as humans to step into our most authentic and purposeful life. It’s our birthright.

You’re going to be floored by the potent, confident, and so-goddamn-powerful woman who is waiting for you on the other side of this work.


No One is Going to
Do This Work For You.

But you also don’t have to do it alone.

That’s where I come in.
I’m the megaphone for your truth.
I’m going to call you on your bullshit and never let you get away with making yourself small.
I’ll hold you accountable to the big, big vision of what’s possible.

Because there’s a lot of shit in this world that wants to keep you down:

Judgments, expectations, pain, trauma.
Let’s kick it down and find out who you are underneath all that.
Let’s get in touch with your deepest desires.

I believe life should be lived on purpose, and I’ve seen the incredible things that happen when people get really clear about their desires and use them to create a path forward.
Hell, I’ve had to do it in my own life, too.

I’m the guide, but you’re the architect of your own

Truth Seekers Journey™


And here’s the thing: Whether you face it or not, all that truth and those desires you try to stuff down and hide deep inside, is going to find a way to reveal itself. It might show up as illness or destructive behavior. Hello, anxiety.

Or it can ultimately be the map to your highest self.

If you’re ready to do the work, I’m ready to help you get clear on where you want to be and how to move forward.

Call me a coach, consultant, confidant or intuitive healer. Ultimately, I’m the advocate for your truth and guide on your Truth Seekers Journey™.

I will connect the dots for you in a way you cannot see, and help you discover what’s been holding you back in every aspect of your life. I’m the swift kick in the ass when old habits and limiting beliefs start creeping back in.

Because there’s a lot at stake if you don’t take this journey.

You’ll burnout and remain a victim.
Anxiety will be a constant companion.
You’ll be nagged forever by what might have been.
You’ll spend too many precious years of your life missing out on having the authentic relationship with yourself that can change the whole damn world.


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Here’s What Cari’s Clients
are saying…


“I had a goal to take my business from a handful of clients to having a full roster and wait list within 18 months. After working with Cari for a month and a half, I came in and said, ‘you know that goal I had to have the clients to fill my schedule and be on a wait list? I have already hit it!’ Cari helped me increase my business 2.5 times in 6 weeks.”

Laura Chauvin

“I was a project manager who had recently been laid off from my position with a prominent company in my community. As I worked with Cari, I manifested my dream job. I started working flexible hours so that I could have time with my kids, and an ability to continue with my hobbies and a great income. I got very specific, and we cleared the blocks. Now I not only have a job with complete flexibility, but I also doubled my income!”

Erica Stone

“Cari is a game changer! She’s quick at helping you identify your blocks and diving in to break them. Her energy and quick insights make you want to have her in your corner on a regular basis. I am not the only one I know who has needed her expertise and we all agree it was the best experience—I had to find my strength and I knew I had it but just needed guidance on tapping it. I have worked with a few professionals and not one of them brought up the issues Cari Rosno found, and it blew me away!”

Ashley Armstrong

Let the universe know

You’re Serious

Access life-changing, one-on-one coaching that works as your secret weapon to help you regain total, untouchable, confident control of your life. And all the good stuff that comes with it: business growth, financial success, better relationships, self-love, and honest-to-god happiness. That’s why we call it the

Truth Seekers Journey™

When you sign on for one-on-one coaching, you’re signing up for a quantum leap to your true purpose and the shifts that happen in every aspect of your life when you bring your desires, thoughts, and actions into perfect harmony.

Let’s rewrite the


It’s time to:

  • Run the show and make life happen for you, not to you.
  • Walk into any room radiating in undeniable confidence.
  • Radically control every aspect of your life.
  • Offer yourself more compassion and less judgment.
  • Know how it feels like to finally—oh my god—finally be heard and understood.
  • Have a trusted confidant to begin the process of living out your truth.

When you completely, I mean completely, own your shit you have the opportunity to live differently.

So, let’s do it.
Liberate your life from what weighs you down. Release the limitations, the past, and the regret — and take full responsibility for the life and business you are creating.

Get on the path to

Unlimited Possibilities.

It’s time to rule your world.
The path to empowerment starts with a call.
It’s time to take full responsibility for the life you’re creating.

And know that when you do the work, you can create anything you want.

Start your

Truth Seekers Journey™

here and now.

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