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Are You Ready to Defy Expectations?
Hello, relentless achiever. I see you, you’re the one who’s nailed the impossible, time and again. You’ve scaled the peaks of success, leaving others in your wake, and in awe. But here’s a question – are you simply going through the motions, chasing the dreams that no longer ignite your soul? Are you craving the thrill of something new, something deeper, something MORE?

Welcome to your wake-up call. It’s time to stop suppressing your deepest desires and give yourself permission to dream again. You’re here because you feel the stirrings of rebellion against the status quo. You’re done being just ‘good enough.’ You’re ready to smash the glass ceiling of your potential and unlock the full power of your legacy.


It’s Time to Get Off the Mat

I’ve walked your path – chased after the trophies, ticked off the checkboxes…all of them. I’ve faced the cosmic 2’ x 4’, too, and it’s led me to a profound truth: There’s more to life than simply living up to others’ expectations. And as your coach, I’m not just here to cheer you on from the sidelines, I’m here to step into the ring with you.

And I’m not afraid to call you on your shit.

Together, we’ll face the comfortable lies, the complacent truths, and the silent fears that are holding you back. We’ll push the boundaries, obliterate your limitations, and propel you to a realm of boundless freedom, unwavering clarity, and breathtaking realities. And we will do it all together!!!

It’s Your Turn to
Own the Arena

Are you ready to rekindle your passions, to break free from the chains of perfectionism, and embrace your true power.

Are you prepared to shatter your comfort zone, confront your limitations, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the status quo?

Let’s thread the golden path that connects your past to your future, mapping out your journey to the extraordinary. Let’s transform your quiet dreams into a roaring reality, your mundane existence into a compelling legacy. This is your chance to leave the world in awe of your audacious spirit.

Experience the transformation that spills over into every aspect of your life – from your relationships to your business. Discover the profound clarity, the empowering partnerships, the exhilarating freedom that emerges from self-love and the release of self-judgment.


It’s Time to Ignite
the Revolution

Your transformative journey isn’t a distant dream.

It’s one click away, starting with a complimentary coaching call. Let’s open the doors to a reality where your wildest dreams are the norm, not the exception. Together we’ll silence the whispers of doubt and amplify the shouts of triumph.

It’s time to trade the monotony for the magnificent, the fear for the fantastic, the struggle for the sublime. It’s time to defy, to rise, to SOAR.

Are you ready to be the revolution?


Here’s What Cari’s Clients
are saying…


“I had a goal to take my business from a handful of clients to having a full roster and wait list within 18 months. After working with Cari for a month and a half, I came in and said, ‘you know that goal I had to have the clients to fill my schedule and be on a wait list? I have already hit it!’ Cari helped me increase my business 2.5 times in 6 weeks.”

Laura Chauvin

“I was a project manager who had recently been laid off from my position with a prominent company in my community. As I worked with Cari, I manifested my dream job. I started working flexible hours so that I could have time with my kids, and an ability to continue with my hobbies and a great income. I got very specific, and we cleared the blocks. Now I not only have a job with complete flexibility, but I also doubled my income!”

Erica Stone

“Cari is a game changer! She’s quick at helping you identify your blocks and diving in to break them. Her energy and quick insights make you want to have her in your corner on a regular basis. I am not the only one I know who has needed her expertise and we all agree it was the best experience—I had to find my strength and I knew I had it but just needed guidance on tapping it. I have worked with a few professionals and not one of them brought up the issues Cari Rosno found, and it blew me away!”

Ashley Armstrong

“After years of running my successful, yet all consuming, international marketing agency I was feeling burnt out, with a sense of loss and purposelessness. I had built the company I thought I wanted but lost myself in the process. In just a few coaching sessions with Cari she helped me gain the clarity on what was no longer aligned and in a matter of days my entire mindset shifted. I now experience renewed strength, joy and purpose.”

David Tracy CEO & Founder Northgate Marketing

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