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Curiosity to Clarity™

From Stuck to Unstoppable

Better Than Before

4 Strategies to not only get back up….but to be BETTER THAN BEFORE.

Navigating the Ripple

A 4 step process that brings healing and needed change

Professional Bio

Cari Kenzie empowers leaders, women and audiences to help them navigate beyond drama, trauma and self-sabotage so they can take ownership of their lives and curate curiosity that brings clarity, compassion, inclusivity and unlocks endless possibilities.

In 2013, Cari was the owner of a multi-million dollar marketing agency, devoted mother, marathon runner and community leader. That was until she crossed the finish line in Boston only to hear the bombs detonate behind her. Although she wasn’t physically injured from the blast, she later realized she had been hit by the deep hurt and pain that “survivors” often experience. Only after navigating her own journey to healing (and overcoming multiple chronic illnesses) through self acknowledgement and radical honesty with herself did Cari reclaim her voice and her power as well as experience the fullness of a life she never expected. And that’s what she wants for you too! As a leading expert in transformational healing Cari is a speaker, best selling author and coach. She is dedicated to bringing the message of healing and compassion to communities around the globe, educating and advocating for those caught in the ripple of trauma.

Cari’s expertise and thought leadership had been featured on over a dozen podcasts including the top rated Stuck to Unstoppable, Entrepreneur, Medium, Minnesota Voyager and many more.

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