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Reframing Trauma

From Powerless to All Powerful

Reclaiming Radical Control

Become the Creator of Your Life

A Challenge to Truth

Remastering your Mind

Professional Bio

Global manifestation coach Cari Kenzie works with the world’s highest achievers to put them back in radical control of every facet of their lives. She focuses on empowerment over powerlessness, creation over destruction. She acts as a conduit for each individual to change the world.

Cari has decades of experience in transpersonal psychology, epigenetics, Taoist practices, and entrepreneurial studies. After surviving the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon in 2013, she was challenged to reclaim her power and take back radical control of her life and story.

As a globally recognized speaker, best-selling author, coach, and guide, Cari has shared her wisdom and expertise at numerous conferences and events. She has been featured on multiple podcasts within the spirituality and self-improvement spaces.

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