Detoxing from the Inside Out - Cari Kenzie

Detoxing from the Inside Out

I felt stuck. Ever have that feeling? When it feels as though not matter what you do, nothing seems to be shifting? Nothing had changed for me, I was simply not achieving what I desired and the additional weight I carried showed it. It’s the one place where a pound is off and we know it.  I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, I just knew the body I was in wasn’t my body. It’s strange to think and even recounting it now, it seems so odd. However, in talking with my clients, I know I am not the only one that feels this way.

Now this had been weighing on me for quite some time…I mean really since the summer of 2020. I shifted my diet, yet again, had gotten back to running and spending time in the gym. NOTHING moved. When I dove in and did a weeks long sauna detox protocol, I ended up gaining weight. I mean who does that?! Even working through the limiting beliefs that I could see were sabotaging my efforts still had me feeling as though I was going backwards.

Then in the fall of 2021 I found myself in a moment of brain fog that rattled me to the core. As I sat on my scooter ready to head off and grab my girl from school, I looked at the controls and for what seemed like forever but lasted no more than 5 seconds, everything was foreign. I had no idea how to start the engine. Imagine. This was one of those moments when the universe decides it’s time for a shift and will provide the launching off point no matter how uncomfortable it might be. This time I took immediate action.

Sitting in the moments that followed and feeling the energy of what was happening, I knew this was inflammation. I also knew that the experiences I had with illnesses ranging from meningitis to multiple autoimmune conditions and chronic Lyme Disease, the antibiotics taken, and everyday living had left a toxic load in my body. I simply didn’t know how far spread and deep it had become.

A few weeks later I attended the annual Upgrade Labs Biohacking conference and as I walked the exhibit hall came across a booth that caught my attention. While in conversation they confirmed what I had come to realize. The toxicity was sitting in my cells and needed to be addressed at that level. Two months later I started the Key Cellular Nutrition protocol (I’ll talk more on this below). This opened the door or gave me an entry into the maze so to speak, that continued to lead me to every area of my life that needed cleansing…and I mean every area.

What most don’t realize is that the body is a representation of the whole. It is the communicator, the educator, and the gateway into what we have trapped emotionally, spiritually as well as physically. Addressing the physical aspect was only the first step for me. As the chemical toxicity released from my body, layers of emotions and limiting beliefs started to reveal themselves.

The thing is, when we decide to release what is no longer serving us, the conviction doesn’t discern itself or contain itself within the realm of what you are comfortable with. The energy will take the opportunity to show you all the ways in which you can create wholeness, vitality, and a feeling of at home within your own body. And this, my friends is why when I recommend these protocols to my own clients we partner and I guide alongside the experience, addressing the thoughts, programs and emotions that are revealing themselves. It’s the key to true healing.

What did my experience look like?

High Quality Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Right from the start I went on an AIP (Autoimmune Protocol Diet). This takes commitment and a desire to heal more than to remain comfortable. As a baseline you are eating whole, organic, unprocessed foods. Gluten, dairy, nuts, seeds, legumes, refined oils, caffeine, additives, and nightshades are off the table. Alcohol and coffee (oh how I loved coffee) are also on the must go list. Sugar, yep that was gone as well. The list is quite extensive, this is just the highlight. There are several different resources where you can find the full list, amazing recipes and different phases for elimination as well are reintroduction of the foods.

This step alone will trigger so many hot points. So as you think about stepping into something like this, or even in reading the list above, what thoughts occur? What are you unwilling to let go of? Why does this feel so restrictive and how do you usually respond when put in a corner?


As mentioned above I did 4 months of the Key Cellular Nutrition Protocol with CytoDetox. In the first months the supplements support the body and individual systems, building up the energy and reserves so that when the detox portion of the protocol started the body was ready. Too often we skip the prep part. We know we need to detox, shift something out but fail to get everything ready for the process. We then find ourselves struggling and exhausted, the adrenals shot. So, we stop short only to find ourselves starting over, again and again.

The next step was the clean the body out. Now, this is not generally a comfortable process. It takes determination, an understanding of the ups and downs and the awareness to know that it is a process. There were days I felt sick, I was exhausted and at one point felt as though I would never get to the other side. (Triggering PTSD from prior illness is a real thing.) The key ingredient during this phase was the CytoDetox. It was formulated by Daniel Pompa specifically to allow the molecules to penetrate the cells creating a deep cleansing. It’s incredible and if you are interested, I highly recommend following him and reading more.


This came and went for me. While I had been exercising prior to beginning this four month journey, it hadn’t been terribly consistent. I ran but unable to breath as deeply and dynamically as needed for the distances I desired. When I lifted I found that often, my body hurt and was restricted. I didn’t have the energy to go to the gym or didn’t have the time. (Can we say self-sabotage? Somehow that trickster always looks justified, doesn’t it.) However, as time went on and the body and limitations healed, I was able to do more and am now back at the gym consistently, without the companion of discomfort.

This piece was probably the most revealing for me. Having a significant portion of trauma experienced at the Boston Marathon in 2013 while at the finish line, exercise (running in particular) has been a barometer of healing for me. As a trauma specialist I had unpacked so many aspects of my experience and healed, shifting my perspective and view of the experience in tremendous ways. Yet, the tiny slivers were still coming to the surface to be revealed and this granted them the opportunity to push the healing forward.

Self Care

Oooh, I love self-care. I am an almost nightly Epsom salt and essential oils bath soaker. This has been my ritual for years. In addition to this I added infrared sauna sessions 3 to 5 times a week, spending anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour sweating. I dry brushed and enjoyed nature as much as I possibly could in the winter. I watched comedy and allowed myself to just be in the moments where that is exactly what I needed.

Having compassion for myself and intrigue for the process were the most impactful elements, yet may be the two most underutilized and most important elements of self-care. This is also one of the biggest struggles for most. And this, my friend, is where the uncovering of limiting beliefs, trapped emotions, subconscious programming, and self-sabotage will rear its wonderful head. Wonderful, really? Yes, I applaud the exposure. It allows us to get curious and to dive deeper into the mind and create holistic healing. While I could go on with this for quite some time, and you will see subsequent blogs relating to this, this is the true gold.

Think about the last time you tried to shift your diet, to work out, desire to place fitness as a priority or look to shift the pounds that simply wouldn’t move. Toxicity isn’t just held in the cells, it’s stored in every aspect of our being. Relationships, careers, experiences, trauma that hasn’t been released (the years of the pandemic), and much more, will attract environmental toxicity. It’s a dynamic relationship. One element cannot be addressed without the other. And I will guarantee that no matter how much you address the physical level through parasite cleanses, liver cleanses, lymphatic massages, etc. unless you get curious about the emotional and spiritual side and work to release the subconscious programming, you will remain caught in the loop of repetition. One cleanse to another.

Quality Sleep

Let’s not overlook the importance of this. Yes, we talk about sleep and the necessity of it, however when you enter a detox protocol of any kind, your body needs the rest. And not just the “I slept through the night” rest. You want to ensure that you are hitting the sleep cycles and getting enough deep and REM sleep to allow your body to restore itself overnight. Make sure your room is dark, pitch black if you can. The temperature is cool, 68 degrees is where I need the thermostat set to insure, I rest properly. I also use binaural beats with sleep headphones, a sleep mask and supplementation.  I value my sleep and know that to function at the level I desire, it must be held as a top priority, because I am a top priority.

That being said, accepting and embracing the fact that you are a priority and worthy of healing are the two first positions you need to have. While you can research and investigate every resource and opportunity for self-improvement, you will not take the steps necessary until you know you are worth the time and investment. And you are! Feel that and experience its power as an energy or emotion. Because once you know, you will stop at nothing short of exceptional.


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