Stuck in a Rut? Here’s How I Broke Free. - Cari Kenzie

Stuck in a Rut? Here’s How I Broke Free.

We all have those moments. Those frustratingly stagnant periods where it feels like we’re stuck in quicksand. Everything remains unchanged, no matter the effort, and our physical form reflects that emotional weight. Ever been there? If not, consider me your tour guide to the labyrinth of feeling stuck.

For the sake of authenticity, let’s rewind to summer 2020. My eating habits were in flux, my running shoes had seen better days, and the gym? A distant memory. Yet, despite all efforts, the scales barely budged. And if you’re wondering, yes, a sauna detox protocol made me gain weight. Who even does that?

Come fall 2021, life shook me up with a startling brain fog episode, making a mere scooter look like an alien contraption. That’s the universe’s sneaky way of saying, “Hey! Time for a shake-up!” And boy, did I listen.

Being someone in tune with her body, I recognized inflammation as the culprit. Past battles with illnesses, from meningitis to Lyme Disease, had gifted me with a toxic payload. Only during the Upgrade Labs Biohacking conference did a particular booth confirm my suspicions. They introduced me to Key Cellular Nutrition protocol which provided a roadmap to rejuvenate every facet of my life.

Let’s break down my odyssey for those wanting to tread the same path:

  1. High-Quality Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Diving headfirst into the Autoimmune Protocol Diet meant saying au revoir to beloved coffee, sugar, and all things processed. The commitment? Strenuous. The reward? Unmatched clarity.
  2. Supplementation: The 4-month roller coaster with CytoDetox was reminiscent of an epic saga. It prepped me, took me to dark places, but eventually led to the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Exercise: My tumultuous relationship with exercise had its share of peaks and valleys. But as I healed, it no longer felt like an exhausting chore. Instead, it became a source of rejuvenation.
  4. Self-Care: Beyond Epsom salt baths and sauna sessions, diving into self-inquiry and nurturing compassion became my mainstay. By addressing hidden beliefs and trapped emotions, I began to craft my holistic healing narrative.
  5. Quality Sleep: While detoxing, nothing trumps sleep. I went all in, from ensuring pitch-black rooms to binaural beats. Because let’s face it, when we’re a priority, our sleep should be too.

In retrospect, our bodies are miraculous communicators. They reflect our emotional, spiritual, and physical worlds. My journey taught me that the road to self-improvement starts with self-worth. And once you’re fueled by that conviction, there’s no looking back.

Now, it’s your turn. Ready to embark on a voyage of self-discovery and healing? Dive deep, stay curious, and remember: you’re worth every bit of effort.