Embracing Your True Self in Every Step - Cari Kenzie

Embracing Your True Self in Every Step

Here we are again.

I’ve been down this road before. It didn’t even occur to me. I was blind in the drive to do and carrying the disappointment of what “should” have been.

Sure I had been doing the work. Any moment that rocks your confidence and shakes you to the core of who you are will propel you into some form of reflection.

And emotionally I was diving in. I have been sitting in the pain with curiosity, working through the beliefs and long-standing identities that were getting in the way of feeling aligned with the me I wanted to be.

I’m making some great headway and I can now truly see the collateral beauty that this year has revealed. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Yet, here I sat, still brooding in anxiety that simply would not ease, despite the deep soul and spiritual work that has proved so healing.

So I’ve started to listen more intently, once again, to what my body desires.

Tonight it beckoned me to the sauna which has sat unattended for the last few months while I worked on me.

It’s a funny thought now that I think about it:) Worked on me…

Well, as I sat in the quiet that inner knowing popped through yet again.

Sure, I was working on me. But I wasn’t working in me.

That tight grip of control, the instinctual response when the ground gets shaky, can show up in so many ways.

Control of outside circumstances, control of the environment we find ourselves in…control of our own healing and personal development.

It’s the tight grip we hold as we look for solid ground to place our feet on once again.

It’s the need for self-preservation and assurity in a world where fear and scarcity run rampant.

But when we do this something must fall to the side. Reaching out to hold on, means we are off balance and not reaching within.

For me, the physical being, the body that hosts the soul and is the only means to accomplish any mission or purpose forward…yeah, she got left behind.

Damn, this realization hit hard.

I know this, I teach this. I’ve been working with a client through a full embodied practice as she works through finding her path.

While frustration tried to set in, I opted for a load of grace and committed to making a shift.

So, I’m returning to the basics – the fundamental truths we all know but often need to be reminded of:

  1. Movement: I must continue to move – run, walk, lift. Movement connects me to my essence and keeps my energy flowing. A static body leads to a static mind.
  2. Nurturing the Body: Essential, yet easily neglected amidst busy schedules. Even small steps, like reducing coffee consumption and increasing water and tea intake, are significant. I’m focusing more on hydration and nutrition, especially during the bustling holiday season.
  3. Sleep: As someone who has battled sleepless nights, I’ve learned to cherish rest. I’m committing to protecting my pre-sleep routine – less TV, winding down work by 7:30 PM – to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.
  4. Breathe: Perhaps the most crucial aspect. In times of stress, deep breathing is the quickest way to ground ourselves and calm the mind.

Remember, you are a composite being – mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. True alignment emerges from the harmony of these facets. Sometimes, it’s the simplest acts that bring the most profound changes.