The Hidden Stories of Trauma: A Guide to Overcoming Trauma - Cari Kenzie

The Hidden Stories of Trauma: A Guide to Overcoming Trauma

Ah, life. It can be a tad dramatic, can’t it? Sometimes, like the love child of a soap opera and an action film, life throws the unexpected our way. And that’s when the resilience of the human spirit shines. But today, let’s dive deep into a less-discussed side of the human experience: overcoming trauma. Not just the event itself, but its lingering effects.

The Silent Battles of Trauma’s Aftermath

The real tragedy of trauma isn’t the moment it occurs, but the silent battles we fight in its aftermath. It’s like that song you can’t get out of your head, constantly reminding you of its presence, often at the most inconvenient times. You see, I survived the Boston bombing. And for the longest time, I thought I was just a bystander, a mere spectator to the horrific event. But the truth? My mind and body told a different story. It was as if my psyche had taken a raincheck during the event, only to send reminders in the form of mental and physical tolls over the years.

The Undertow of Unresolved Emotions

And, of course, I’m not the only one. Some incredibly strong women who were part of that day still grapple with its memories. We often talk about not letting the villains of that day ‘win’. But here’s the catch: while saying it, their emotions tell a different tale. Tears held back. Voices choked up. A tumultuous wave of emotions trapped, waiting to manifest. Imagine it this way: the unresolved emotions are like an undertow, an unexpected force that drags you in a direction you never intended to go. It lingers beneath, occasionally pulling you down, reminding you of its presence.

Facing the Past to Embrace the Future

So, what’s the antidote? Well, it’s not as simple as one might hope. Dealing with trauma is like going through your attic and discovering an old, dusty photo album. As much as you might want to just close it and forget about it, you have to face those memories to understand the person you’ve become. Many a time, people tell me, “I don’t want to revisit it.” And you know what? I get it. Why would anyone willingly step back into a dark chapter of their life? But here’s the zinger: it’s not the traumatic event that’s the real enemy; it’s the fear of facing it. The shadow it casts over the present. You see, we’ve already lived through the trauma. But the unresolved feelings? They’re the real troublemakers.

To heal, sometimes we’ve got to rip off the bandage, look the wound in the eye, and acknowledge it. Yes, it’s going to hurt. Yes, it might bring a flood of memories. But only by confronting it can we truly move forward.

Because, my friends, we’re not just survivors of our stories; we’re the heroes of them. And every hero deserves a chance to find peace, reclaim power, and pen a brighter chapter. 🌟