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Mirror Reflections: What Our Kids Can Teach Us

In the roller coaster of parenthood, we often find ourselves obsessing over how to raise our little ones. But amidst the lessons and guidance we impart, we forget one little secret: our children often end up becoming our most unexpected teachers. Let’s deep-dive into this beautiful (and occasionally bewildering) world of reflections. Mimicry is just…

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Healing Beyond The Material: Unpacking My ‘Bag of Stuff’

In the frenzied moments of a high school football game, the echoing thud of helmets colliding sends shivers through any parent’s spine. It did for me when my son Jacob took a heavy hit in his senior year, the year he wanted to play his best. The immediate diagnosis? A concussion. A verdict that would…

Owning Your Experiences: The Surprising Magic Behind Every Moment

“We all have experiences and those experiences matter.” In the world of high-energy motivational talks and sessions, this phrase might sound cliché, but bear with me for a moment. How often have you looked back at an event, cringed, and hastily brushed it under the carpet? A lot, I bet. We’ve all been there, done…

The Intuition-Driven Life: Trusting Your Inner Wisdom Over Fear

“Ego is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth,” once said an insightful thinker. But let’s begin with a question, shall we? Have you ever found yourself standing at a crossroads, paralyzed by a daunting decision? Do I stay or do I go? To move or to stay put? To risk or to…

The Quest for Clarity: Why Unclouding Ourselves is Crucial for Helping Others

If you’ve ever stumbled through the labyrinth of self-discovery, you’d know the walls are often built from bricks of past trauma, hurt, and experiences. While some find themselves lost within, others quest tirelessly to find clarity. Here’s my journey through this maze and why I believe everyone should embark on it too. Navigating The Murky…

The Hidden Stories of Trauma: A Guide to Overcoming Trauma

Ah, life. It can be a tad dramatic, can’t it? Sometimes, like the love child of a soap opera and an action film, life throws the unexpected our way. And that’s when the resilience of the human spirit shines. But today, let’s dive deep into a less-discussed side of the human experience: overcoming trauma. Not…

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