Get Into the Bathtub - Cari Kenzie

Get Into the Bathtub

I regularly get into the bathtub to meditate and there’s a good reason for it. Water is a great conductor of energy. It amplifies everything, including your intuition. That’s why getting into a bath is absolutely amazing, especially if you’re trying to meditate and want to receive some form of insight, information, or intuition to be able to work through something. It’s a great place to sit, meditate, and ask questions.

I started this a long time ago because it’s a way I can turn traditional meditation into an active form. You see, I’m a type A personality and so sitting in silence used to get me a little on edge and I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to be doing something. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but it definitely did in the beginning. When I first dove into the practice I had heard I’d have to meditate for two hours twice a day in order to truly get the benefit I desired. I just said “Yeah, No. I’ve got too much stuff to do,” and I’m not the only one. A lot of people feel like that.

That was when I came across a form of meditation that was more active, that was more of an “I can get it done” type of meditation. So when I say to get into a bathtub and meditate, it’s not just something that happens to me. It’s something I do with intention.

In fact, I just did it last night. I noticed that my eye had been twitching for too long and it was irritating. I wanted to uncover why it was happening, so I ran a bath, loaded up some salts, lavender oil, and bubbles, and got in.. When this happens, I purposefully take myself out of my space, out of my ego, out of my conscious thought process so that I have the ability to be more open and to ask questions.

I did the same thing last night. I just sat there in a warm tub and got myself into that space, the space where I’m more open and can start asking questions. And the answers come.

“Okay,” I asked, “what is this deal about? Why is this eye twitching?”
“Because it’s keeping tally.”
“Oh, why is it keeping tally?”
“It’s keeping tally in order to justify a truth.”
And I just followed the questions.

I know that whatever is coming to me is to be addressed, to be seen, and then I wrap another question around it.

Doing that, I got all the way through the mind maze back to the source to find the reason I needed to tally, why I needed to justify, why I needed to prove myself in order to be loved. Then I was able to clear it out and come to a beautiful, relaxed state. Afterwards, as I got out of the bathtub, that water washed off anything I’d picked up, anything negative. It’s very cleansing. That’s what active meditation does. I don’t get in the bathtub and just sit there. That makes people crazy. Instead, I go in and trust.

It’s the element of trust that makes the difference – trusting intuition and trusting yourself to hear and acknowledge the thoughts, the patterns, the showing up in order to be able to heal.

Once I’m in the tub and have quieted myself, I assume the first thing that comes to my mind is the answer. I don’t care if it’s the color green, I don’t care if it’s a scene from a movie, I don’t care what it is. Your mind has an amazing and creative way to show you what needs to be addressed in order to heal so you can continue to evolve and become the best version of yourself.

Every time we deny that, every time we say it’s crazy, we deny our ability to trust ourselves and the information stops coming forward as easily.

So next time you want to meditate, give it a try. Run some water, slide in, and trust.