Why Bathtub Meditation is the Ultimate Life Hack for Type A Personalities - Cari Kenzie

Why Bathtub Meditation is the Ultimate Life Hack for Type A Personalities

If I told you my favorite spot to meditate was in the bathtub, would you think I’ve lost my marbles? Stick with me here. Not only is it a quirky practice of mine, but it also packs a ton of wisdom. Especially if you’re someone with a dash of sass, a sprinkle of compassion, and a penchant for witty banter, much like me.

The Magic of Water and Energy

Water isn’t just the stuff we use to quench our thirst or wash away the sweat of a long day. It’s a magnificent conductor of energy, amplifying everything it touches, including our intuition. Imagine combining that with the calm, introspective state of meditation. Now, that’s where the magic happens! A water-filled tub might just be your secret chamber for unlocking insights, answers, and intuitive nudges.

Turning Passive into Active

Back in the day, traditional meditation seemed like a chore. The very idea of sitting silently for two hours, twice a day, sent my type A personality into overdrive. I mean, who has the time? That’s how my bathtub saga began. I needed a meditation that felt less like a monastic vow and more like a productive session. A doer’s form of zen, if you will.

Bathing with Purpose

No, I don’t just slip into my tub on a whim. Every dip has a purpose. Take last night, for example. My pesky eye twitch had overstayed its welcome. So, I hopped into a tub fragrant with lavender oil and salts. In that cocoon of warmth, I left my ego at the door and began my quest for answers.

One question led to another, creating a maze of thought. With every twist and turn, I found clues about my subconscious mind. The need to justify, to prove, and, at its core, to be loved. And voilà, I reached a relaxed state, ready to let the water wash away any negativity.

The Power of Trust

The bathtub is more than just a place to relax. It’s a place of trust. It’s about letting intuition guide you, trusting that the first thought, no matter how bizarre, is a breadcrumb leading you to understanding. Your mind, in all its whimsical glory, offers clues for healing and evolving. And every time we dismiss these thoughts as ‘crazy’, we weaken that intuitive muscle.

Your Invitation to Dive In

So, the next time you’re eyeing that tub, thinking of a quick soak, why not make it an introspective journey? Fill it up, slide in, and let your mind wander. Remember, all you need to do is trust.

To those skeptics rolling their eyes – give it a whirl. The worst that can happen? You’ll end up with pruney fingers and a fresh perspective. Best case scenario? You discover a powerful meditation technique tailored for the active souls among us.

Let the water be your guide. Dive deep into your thoughts. And who knows? Your bathtub might just become your sanctuary of self-awareness.