Choosing Yourself: The Key to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Empowerment - Coaching with Cari - Cari Kenzie

Episode #36Choosing Yourself: The Key to Freedom, Fulfillment, and Empowerment – Coaching with Cari

Cari Kenzie 18 April 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey everyone!

In today’s podcast, I dove deep into the transformative power of choosing yourself. It’s a theme that’s been resonating more deeply with me lately, and I wanted to share some insights that have been life-changing.

Choosing ourselves isn’t just about making selfish decisions; it’s about recognizing our worth and aligning our actions with our truest desires and needs. It’s about setting boundaries and honoring our emotions without allowing external pressures to dictate our happiness.

This concept hit home during a morning run, as I pondered how every choice–from the moment we wake up–shapes our lives. Whether it’s choosing to start the day with an abundance meditation instead of diving into the chaos of emails, or deciding how to respond to a challenging text, each decision is a powerful assertion of self-worth.

One profound takeaway is how our choices impact not just our lives but also those around us. By choosing ourselves, we become beacons of hope and inspiration, showing others that it’s possible to live authentically and joyously.

So, my dear friends, remember that choosing you is not just a right; it’s a necessity for living a fulfilling life. It’s about finding freedom within and setting a course that resonates deeply with your soul.

Remember, every moment is an opportunity to choose joy, to choose peace, and most importantly, to choose you. Until next time, celebrate your choices and the unique paths they create. Love yourself, choose yourself, and watch how the world opens up in response.




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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 0:12 – Introduction to Choosing Yourself: Why Cari finds choosing yourself crucial and
    what it truly means for personal growth.
  • 1:29 – The Power of Morning Rituals: Cari explains how starting the day with abundance
    meditation shapes her mindset and actions.
  • 3:06 – Choosing Your Focus: The significance of focusing on abundance over limitations
    and its impact on daily life.
  • 5:00 – The Importance of Self-Worth: Cari discusses the journey to recognizing and
    affirming one’s self-worth against external negativity.
  • 7:06 – Emotional Self-Regulation: Strategies for handling negative emotions and
    returning to personal peace.
  • 9:02 – Impact of Authentic Self: Real-life stories of how being true to oneself can
    influence and inspire others.
  • 13:00 – Empowerment Through Self-Choice: Exploring the empowering effects of making
    consistent personal choices.
  • 16:26 – Build Community: Encouragement to seek support when needed—Cari highlights
    the importance of community and asking for help.
  • 17:31 – Conclusion and Invitation: A wrap-up with an invitation for listeners to engage
    with the community for ongoing support and growth.

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