Design Your Future With Purpose and Tech: Creative Burnout to Innovator with Samuel Malkasian - Cari Kenzie

Episode #32Design Your Future With Purpose and Tech: Creative Burnout to Innovator with Samuel Malkasian

Cari Kenzie 28 March 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey everyone!

Today’s episode of Curiosity. Clarity. and Empowerment. is a thrilling introduce you to the extraordinary Samuel Malkasian. His story is a captivating journey of transformation, from a burned-out content creator to a trailblazer in the tech world, reshaping our understanding of AI, machine learning, and the essence of purposeful living.

Samuel’s pivot from the creative industry to enlisting in the military, then diving headfirst into the realms of machine learning and data science, speaks volumes about the courage to redefine one’s path. His ventures into starting two innovative startups while pursuing an academic endeavor in technology is nothing short of inspiring.

Our conversation ventured into the depths of artificial intelligence, the ethical considerations of AI development, and the impact of technology on society’s fabric. Samuel’s insights into the balance between technological advancement and moral responsibility offer a thought-provoking perspective on the future we’re heading towards.

This episode isn’t just about tech and transformation; it’s a powerful reminder of the resilience within us to pursue our true calling, regardless of the hurdles. Samuel’s story is a testament to the incredible journeys we can embark on when we listen to our inner voice, challenge our limits, and embrace the unknown with open arms.

Are you ready to be inspired by Samuel Malkasian’s remarkable journey and the potential of technology to shape our future? Hit play now!



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 0:00 – Welcome and Introduction: Discovering Samuel Malkasian’s unique journey.
  • 3:00 – What led Samuel to change his career and the catalyst behind his move to the military and tech.
  • 9:05 – Samuel’s approach to rebalancing life and creativity after hitting burnout.
  • 15:00 – The inception of Samuel’s startups: A fusion of passion and innovation in tech.
  • 22:30 – Samuel delves into the ethical dilemmas and societal impacts of advancing AI technologies.
  • 30:00 – Cultivating confidence: Samuel’s strategies for overcoming personal and professional hurdles.
  • 37:00 – The transformative power of curiosity in reshaping perspectives and fostering growth.
  • 45:00 – Samuel emphasizes the importance of responsible AI development for a better future


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