Empowering Women to Heal from Within with Brooke Herbert - Cari Kenzie

Episode #38Empowering Women to Heal from Within with Brooke Herbert

Cari Kenzie 2 May 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey everyone!

Hey there, beautiful souls! I’m thrilled to bring you another insightful episode of the Curiosity, Clarity, and Empowerment Podcast. This time, I had the privilege of sitting down with Brooke Herbert, a board-certified health and wellness coach, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Gold Ivy Health Company. Brooke is also a podcast host and group fitness instructor, and she brings a wealth of knowledge on gut health and holistic healing.
In our conversation, Brooke opened up about her personal journey from being a medical mystery to becoming a health coach who empowers women to reclaim their health. Her story is one of resilience, from struggling with gut issues, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances, to discovering the power of functional medicine and holistic healing.
We delved into how Brooke’s experiences led her to advocate for women to never stop fighting for their health. She shared how ancient healing remedies, inner wisdom, and behavior change psychology have helped her transform her life, and how she now uses these tools to guide others.

We also discussed the importance of understanding the connection between the gut, mind, and emotions. Brooke emphasized how unresolved trauma and stress can manifest in physical symptoms, and how addressing these underlying issues can lead to profound healing. Join us on this empowering journey as we explore Brooke’s path to wellness, and how we can all learn to trust our bodies, listen to our inner wisdom, and make choices that support our health.

Ready to dive in? Hit play and let’s journey together toward a healthier, more holistic approach to life.




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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 0:30 Get to know Brooke and her journey from medical mystery to health and wellness
  • 2:21 Brooke’s struggle with gut health issues, her experience with traditional medicine,
    and how functional medicine provided solutions.
  • 8:41 The connection between gut health, mental health, and the importance of holistic
  • 14:31 Brooke’s insights on the importance of lifestyle changes, healing from within, and
    the challenges of modern medicine.
  • 22:01 The role of mindfulness, healing, and embracing an ongoing journey of self-care
    and acceptance.
  • 28:31 The best resources for holistic health and how to start today!

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