Finding Your Footing: A Journey of Self-Reliance and Inner Strength - Cari Kenzie

Episode #13Finding Your Footing: A Journey of Self-Reliance and Inner Strength

Cari Kenzie 2 November 2023

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Podcast Description:

Hey there, love!

Dive deep with me, Cari Kenzie, in this heart-to-heart episode of Curiosity Clarity Empowerment, where I share my unforgettable journey of resilience, self-discovery, and unwavering strength.

I’m peeling back the layers of my own life, bringing you raw and relatable stories from my recent travels and life-altering conferences. From the energy of Dallas, Texas, to moments of intimate self-reflection, I invite you to explore the transformative power of visualization and the freedom that comes from releasing unrealistic expectations.

Are you ready to redefine failure and turn setbacks into stepping stones? I get real about facing a painful divorce, climbing out of debt, and finding an unshakeable resilience I never knew I had.

This episode is my beacon of hope and empowerment to you, emphasizing that resilience is about moving forward with grace, strength, and a profound sense of self-trust. My journey is a testament to giving yourself grace, trusting the process, and knowing that you are enough, just as you are.

If you’re ready to transform challenges into opportunities, find joy in your journey, and trust yourself like never before, this is the episode for you. Tune in, get inspired, and discover the unshakable resilience that lies within.

Join me, Cari Kenzie, in this game-changing episode and embark on a journey to find your inner strength, embrace your true self, and live a life filled with resilience, trust, and empowerment. This is a must-listen that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated!



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 01:19 – Recent Travels and Conferences: Cari talks about her recent travels, attending conferences in Texas, networking, and the energy she gains from these events.
  • 03:08 – Visualization Exercise and Self-Judgment: Cari describes a visualization exercise from a conference, her initial self-judgment, and how she worked through it.
  • 04:34 – Learning from Unmet Goals: Cari discusses how falling short of our goals can actually motivate us to achieve more in the future.
  • 06:00 – Personal Growth and Unexpected Journeys: Cari reflects on her personal growth over the past year, acknowledging the unexpected yet profound journey she has been on.
  • 07:07 – Focusing on the Mission: Cari shares a divine message about focusing on your mission and trusting the universe to take care of you.
  • 09:25 – Trusting Ourselves: Cari talks about the importance of trusting ourselves, finding resilience, and realizing that we are our own foundation.
  • 12:49 – Navigating Life Changes: Cari opens up about her personal challenges, including navigating a divorce and its financial and emotional impacts.
  • 16:19 – Being Your Own Foundation: Cari emphasizes the importance of being your own provision and foundation, encouraging self-reliance and resilience.
  • 19:15 – Conclusion and Gratitude: Cari expresses gratitude, encourages trust in oneself, and looks forward to the next conversation.
  • 20:25 – Closing Thoughts: Cari thanks the audience, leaving them with encouraging words and anticipation for future conversations.

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