Quantum Leadership, Love, and Dentistry: Leah Roling's Blueprint for Success Transformation - Cari Kenzie

Episode #30Quantum Leadership, Love, and Dentistry: Leah Roling’s Blueprint for Success Transformation

Cari Kenzie 7 March 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey there beautiful souls!

This week on our podcast, we’re diving deep with the extraordinary Leah Roling, a transformative force reshaping the dental industry. Leah’s not just about teeth; she’s pioneering a leadership and team dynamics revolution, ensuring dental practices aren’t just workplaces, but thriving communities fueled by passion, creativity, and empowerment.

Leah’s story is one of incredible transformation. From a corporate world that didn’t spark joy, inspired by her late mother’s encouragement and facing life’s profound challenges, Leah embarked on a coaching journey that not only saved lives but reignited her own. This journey wasn’t about finding her niche; it was about the niche finding her and bringing her home to her true calling—empowering others to lead with love and confidence.

In our heartfelt conversation, Leah shares her insights on overcoming self-doubt, embracing potential, and the powerful impact of leadership that serves not by dictating, but by empowering. Her work, though rooted in dentistry, extends far beyond, touching every soul yearning for a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Leah’s message is clear: we all have the power to lead, to change, and to inspire, not by changing what’s outside, but by transforming what lies within. It’s about making every moment intentional, living purposefully, and, most importantly, believing in our limitless potential to create the life we dream of.

So, are you ready to step into your power and transform your life from the inside out? Join us in this inspiring episode to discover how to unlock your inner leader and make your dream life a reality.



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  •  0:07 – Why Cari is so excited for this episode!
  • 1:04 – Get to know the magical Leah Roling
  • 2:30 – How Leah became a world-changing coach and dentistry expert
  • 5:16 – The most powerful parenting advice Cari’s ever heard
  • 7:41 – How Leah leads her clients into breakthrough and transformation in all areas of life
  • 19:26 – How leaders can help unlock purpose and destiny in those they serve
  • 32:20 – A look into the new partnership and movement Cari and Leah are launching!
  • 40:55 – Practical ways to get your power back and heal self
  • 52:30 – Why your creativity is your superpower and how to activate it

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