Spiritual Awakening and Intuition: Uncover Your True Path with Christina Deering - Cari Kenzie

Episode #27Spiritual Awakening and Intuition: Uncover Your True Path with Christina Deering

Cari Kenzie 15 February 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey there, beautiful souls!

This week, I’m thrilled to share with you a soul-stirring conversation I had with the phenomenal Christina Deering, a maven in the world of intuitive business coaching. Christina’s journey from feeling stuck in a joyless job to guiding thousands towards their divine purpose is nothing short of inspirational.

In our heart-to-heart, Christina opened up about her own leap of faith—leaving behind the security of a conventional career to embrace her true calling. She’s a testament to the magic that happens when we dare to listen to our intuition and align our lives with our soul’s mission.

Christina and I dove deep into the transformative power of manifestation, intuition, and the courage it takes to step into our own light. Her wisdom on breaking free from limiting beliefs and stepping boldly towards our dreams is a wake-up call for anyone feeling trapped by the mundane.

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your passion into your livelihood but didn’t know where to start, Christina’s story will light the path. She’s not just talking theory; she’s living proof that with belief and the right mindset, the universe conspires to help us succeed.

So, are you ready to discover how to align your career with your soul’s purpose and create abundance doing what you love? Join us in this enlightening episode. Christina’s insights are a beacon for anyone ready to make a quantum leap into their greatness.

Let’s dive in, embrace our inner wisdom, and transform our lives into the adventure they’re meant to be. Hit play and let’s journey together towards manifesting our deepest desires and living a life that truly resonates with our soul.



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 0:02 – Meet Christina Deering: A Journey of Purpose and Passion
  • 5:06 – The Turning Point: Christina’s Life-Altering Moment
  • 10:05 – Understanding Spiritual Awakening with Christina
  • 16:45 – Unlocking Your Intuition: Tips from Christina Deering
  • 28:23 – The Essence of Energy: Discovering Your True Self
  • 32:28 – Inspired Actions: Christina’s Guide to Finding Your Path
  • 38:20 – Connect with Christina: Follow Your Inspiration Online

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