The Power of Pattern Disruption: Strategies for Personal Growth - Cari Kenzie

Episode #31The Power of Pattern Disruption: Strategies for Personal Growth

Cari Kenzie 14 March 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey, my dear friends!

In our latest adventure on the Curiosity, Clarity, Empowerment Podcast, we dove into the transformative concept of Pattern Disruption. This revelation, although familiar, struck me with its profound simplicity and power during a recent introspective journey. It’s about recognizing, questioning, and ultimately shifting the deep-seated habits that shape our lives.

Our chat unraveled the complexities of the subconscious mind, the silent navigator of our daily actions, decisions, and feelings. Imagine an iceberg – what you see on the surface is just a tiny part of its massive form. That’s your conscious mind. The bulk beneath, hidden and vast, is your subconscious, influencing 95% of your life without a whisper of awareness.

We explored how our subconscious mind, while trying to protect us, often locks us into patterns based on outdated beliefs and fears. These patterns, once useful, can become constraints that limit our growth and happiness. But here’s the kicker – by recognizing these patterns, we can disrupt them, creating space for new, empowering habits and beliefs.

This episode was not just a conversation; it was an invitation to journey within, to discover the patterns holding us back and to challenge them with courage and curiosity. Through personal anecdotes and insights, I shared how we could begin to untangle these patterns, offering practical tools for anyone ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

So, are you ready to disrupt your patterns and redefine your path? Dive into this episode to uncover the strategies and mindset shifts that can liberate you from the subconscious cycles dictating your life. Together, let’s embrace the power of awareness, intention, and transformation.



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

● 00:00 Introduction to the concept of pattern disruption for personal growth.

● 01:25 Exploring the differences between conscious and subconscious mind’s impact on
daily life.

● 02:53 The subconscious mind’s dominance in daily habits and routines.

● 03:36 Subconscious mind’s protective role and its efforts to safeguard through
established patterns.

● 04:25 Discussion on generational beliefs and their influence on our subconscious

● 05:09 How our environment shapes our beliefs and patterns, often subconsciously.

● 06:20 The idea that our recurring patterns might be the subconscious attempting to
resolve unresolved issues.

● 07:15 Insight into how the subconscious creates scenarios to understand unresolved

● 08:04 Analogy of the movie “WarGames” to illustrate subconscious problem-solving.

● 10:20 Patterns as subconscious strategies for dealing with complex interpersonal

● 11:26 The futility of trying to rationalize others’ actions through our subconscious

● 18:11 Conclusion emphasizing the transformative power of understanding and shifting
our subconscious patterns.


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