Unlocking Your Voice's Full Potential: Expert Tips with Nancy Bos - Cari Kenzie

Episode #12Unlocking Your Voice’s Full Potential: Expert Tips with Nancy Bos

Cari Kenzie 26 October 2023

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Podcast Description:

Hey, beautiful souls!

Today we have a truly special guest, Nancy Bos, a beacon of inspiration and empowerment in the world of voice.

Nancy is an acclaimed voice expert, singer, speaker, and bestselling author with over 25 years of experience as a voice coach and performer. She is on a mission to help people unleash their voices for life transformation, having conquered severe stage fright and altered her life’s trajectory. Nancy is dedicated to researching, writing, and speaking on voice empowerment, especially for those who fear speaking out, singing, or maximizing their freedom to express themselves.

In our empowering conversation, Nancy shares her journey, starting from her conservative upbringing in the Midwest, through her struggles with performance anxiety, to her current status as an internationally recognized authority on voice. She discusses the importance of overcoming the subconscious stories that hold us back and finding the power to express ourselves freely.

Nancy also touches upon her work with women going through menopause, highlighting the impact of stories and beliefs on our experiences. She advocates for menopause appreciation and emphasizes the need for support and understanding during this significant life transition.

As we dive deep into the topic of voice empowerment, Nancy shares insights and personal stories, showing us that it is never too late to find our voice and step into our power. Whether you are struggling with stage fright, seeking to empower your voice, or navigating through menopause, this conversation is filled with wisdom, inspiration, and practical advice.

Hit play to listen to the full conversation and join us on this journey of voice empowerment and transformation.



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 2:27 – Meet Nancy Bos: Discover Nancy’s background and the unique journey that led her to become a voice expert and author
  • 5:30 – Overcoming Stage Fright: Hear Nancy’s personal story of battling and overcoming severe performance anxiety.
  • 8:20 – Passion for Voice Empowerment: Learn why Nancy is deeply committed to helping others unleash their voices and share their stories with the world.
  • 10:39 – Writing About Menopause: Find out what inspired Nancy to address the topic of menopause and its impact on women’s voices.
  • 16:01 – Challenges for Women’s Voices: Nancy discusses the common issues that women face which can disempower their voices.
  • 19:20 – The Risks of Playing Small: Understand why minimizing yourself can lead to more pain in the long run, and why taking risks is crucial.
  • 22:26 – Finding Purpose and Understanding Your Past: Explore the connection between discovering your purpose and delving into your past experiences.
  • 26:04 – The Power of Positivity: Learn about the significant impact of maintaining a positive outlook and adding value to the world.
  • 30:22 – The Bus Method: Discover a unique method to pinpoint the exact moment your voice might have been silenced.
  • 36:36 – Connect with Nancy: Find out how you can learn more from Nancy and stay connected with her work.

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