Who Am I Now? Recalibrating Identity and Rediscovering Yourself After Major Life Changes - Cari Kenzie

Episode #26Who Am I Now? Recalibrating Identity and Rediscovering Yourself After Major Life Changes

Cari Kenzie 8 February 2024

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Podcast Description:

Hey there, love!

Today I took a moment to dive deep into the theme of “Recalibrating Identity.” It’s the profound journey of rediscovering who you are after major life shifts – whether it’s changing careers, relationship transformations, or any of life’s unpredictable turns. You know what I am talking about!

The Heart of Transformation

Life’s transitions often leave us pondering, “Who am I now?” This episode is an intimate exploration of that question, inspired by conversations with incredible individuals and my own personal experiences. From navigating career shifts to evolving personal relationships, the essence of identity and its fluidity are at the forefront.

The Inner Work

I shared the significance of inner landscape work – a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of navigating life’s changes. We must peel back the layers of who we were to embrace who we are becoming. This journey isn’t just about external changes but involves a deep dive into our core selves, challenging our past identities and embracing the unknown with curiosity and grace.

The Path to Self-Discovery

Our chat wasn’t just about identifying the changes. It is an invitation to join me on a path of self-discovery, to explore the depths of our identities, and to courageously step into the versions of ourselves that we are meant to be. It’s a journey filled with challenges, but also immense growth and clarity.

So, if you’re standing at the crossroads of change, wondering about your next step or who you are beyond the roles you’ve played, this episode is for you. Hit play now!



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Episode Minute By Minute Breakdown:

  • 0:20 Finding your identity in lives transitional seasons
  • 1:20 Examples of shedding the old and stepping into the new future empowered
  • 6:00 What Cari wishes she would have known when shifting into a new identity
  • 13:06 Life is a journey back to your true self and who you are becoming
  • 15:09 How to get a group or private coaching session with Cari

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