The Power of Curiosity: The Journey from Presence to Intuition - Cari Kenzie

The Power of Curiosity: The Journey from Presence to Intuition

There’s a kind of curiosity that transcends merely exploring the external world. It delves deep into the intricacies of the mind, the dynamics of emotions, and the complex maze of human intuition. Allow me to unravel this a bit for you.

When people utter the word “curiosity,” the immediate visual is perhaps a child poking a beetle or an astronomer peering through a telescope. It’s often about the world outside of us. But what if I told you there’s more to it than just that? You see, my journey made me redefine my own understanding of this term. And it happened in a rather extraordinary way.

From Bombing to Being

My healing journey began post a traumatic bombing experience. While helping others heal with my techniques, I found myself guiding the vice president of a company. His declining health and increasing aggression was evident. I didn’t offer solutions. Instead, I listened, really listened. There was an exchange – not of words, but of presence. That connection, that deep mutual understanding without utterance, is what I define as presence.

Intuition: The Unseen Connection

But then something uncanny occurred. This presence morphed into intuition. I began to see while I listened to podcasts, as if these senses were inexplicably intertwined. I would focus on a topic, and it would manifest in different ways on platforms like Instagram.

Call it fate, call it a domino effect; I kept being led exactly where I needed to go. This path not only helped me diagnose conditions like Chronic Lyme disease but also steered my healing.

The Maze of Curiosity

The curiosity I revere focuses on the internal. It’s about understanding our reactions, emotions, and decisions. When faced with emotional turbulence, instead of being swept away, take a step back and ponder, “Isn’t that interesting?” and then “I wonder why?” This elevates your perspective. You start navigating the maze of your mind, rather than being trapped in it.

Your subconscious, if unbridled, will usher you towards answers. The route you take, influenced by the questions you ask, shapes your interpretation of events. Find that focal point, and everything unravels, clearing your path forward.

Let me illustrate with a personal story:

In 2015, during my trips to Wisconsin Dells for immunotherapy shots, I expected the usual fatigue post-treatment. But one time, a lingering headache caught me off-guard. Delving into the ‘why,’ I found out that the same day I got my shot, my husband faced an extensive reprimand about our family decisions. Although miles apart, I felt that energy, that rebuke. It seeped into my subconscious, translating into physical pain. Only when I confronted and processed this realization did I truly heal.

Curiosity: The Key to Unlocking Your Mind’s Maze

Navigating through the mind’s labyrinth can be chaotic. Yet, with the right tools of curiosity and introspection, you can disentangle its complexity.

So next time you’re at a crossroads, whether in life or within yourself, get curious. Dive into the maze, armed with questions, and let them guide you through. Because often, the answers lie within you, waiting to be discovered.